Thorsman, TPD, cavity fixing, with screw, set of 100. range of product: Thorsman - product or component type: cavity fixing - product name: Thorsman TPD - device short name: TPD - mounting support: wall mounted - screw diameter: 4.5 mm - screw length: 35 mm - size of screw head: 8 mm - shape of screw head: cross slotted - colour tint: metal. Benefits: Cabling and fixing for demanding professionals, Complete cable fixing range with nail and screw clips in several colours. The cable clips have best-in-class performance thanks to the high UV-protected impact-resistant plastic material, and the high performance surface treatments for the metal components. Larger sizes fit conduits for hollow wall installations., For extreme environments, next to the ocean or in costal regions, use our C5M acid-proof stainless steel TKS cable clamps., Cavity fixing range with products that are installed without special tools in a variety of board materials. High load values combined with fast installation., Bolts and anchor products suitable for heavier installations. Through-bolts certified by SP SITAC No. SC0268-10, Concrete screws certified by ETA 05/0010, ETA 05/0011, DIBt no.Z-21,1-1503., Wall plugs TP have a unique colour code to identify each plug size. Each colour tells what drill and screw to use., The TPH high performance plug works very well in softer materials like aerated concrete or brick., The innovative Cable Wings are developed for both cable and conduit installations. They are especially suitable for our quick-connect system.... Applications: The range consists of professional products for light, medium and heavy installations in indoor and outdoor applications. The products are suitable in base materials like wood, plasterboard, aerated concrete, concrete, brick and sheet metal....

Product Attributes

Length of anchor plug 35 mm
Material Steel
Thread size metric (M..) 4.5
With screw Yes
With thread Yes
UOM Each
Category Fixings
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