Excel Life is a comprehensive range of switches and sockets for residential and commercial installations. Featuring innovations such as electronic push-button switches with customisable LED colours, LED ring kits, powerpoints with internal safety shutters, and single module time delay and surge protection devices, Excel Life exemplifies everyday excellence.


From screw heads, to mounting holes, we’ve designed and engineered our GPOs to make them faster and safer to install than anything on the market.


Guided cable terminals
Tapered like a funnel, they guide cables in like magic

Six over-sized mounting holes
With more wriggle room to align products with more precision

Raised insulation barriers
For extra protection against copper exposure and arcing

Captive screws
Screws stay captured in the thread, always

Ergonomically angled screws
Easier to access, faster to fit-off

Carburised steel & deep heads
Super hard steel for enhanced endurance. Deeper heads for greater grip


The hybrid-style USB charger is re-defining the future of USB charging. With the latest devices transitioning to Type C ports, the Excel Life ‘hybrid style’ USB charger is equipped with a Type A and Type C USB port, catering to all current and future charging needs. It is the ideal solution to future-proofing your projects!


Everyday rocker switches don’t have to be boring. Blue LED rings add a stylish tech touch to modern interiors and are a hit with kids or anyone who likes a little help finding the switch in the dark.


They look fantastic, work with LEDs and come in 2 & 3 wire options. The soft touch electronic push button activates the light in just a single tap!


With a carefully sourced and curated selection of high quality, classic finishes, you’re guaranteed to impress and delight your customers.

  • Black - Slick addition to style any room
  • White - Brilliant, crisp, UV stabilised
  • Matt Silver - Genuine metal
  • Urban Grey - Rich & dark with a glint of sparkle
  • Liquid Gloss Ice - Lustrous shiny finish
  • Liquid Gloss Diesel - Looks slick on tiles and splashbacks
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