The CLASSE 300 Wi-Fi internal video unit allows the transformation of every home into a connected home, easily controlled by an app installed on a smartphone giving you visibility of who is at your door whether you are home or away.

Benefits of the CLASSE 300 Door Entry System

  • Answer the door from anywhere in the home
  • Answer calls when away from your house even when overseas, allowing you to get packages left with neighbours if needed
  • Call the internal video unit from your smartphone to speak directly with anyone at home
  • Integrate the opening of your gate and cancel the need for an extra remote
  • Home security – activate the internal and external video units at anytime to allow complete visibility
  • Switch on garden lights or sprinkler system while you are away, keeping your garden maintained


Connected Simplicity

CLASSE 300 Wi-Fi combines modernity and innovation with the communication between your smartphone and the internal video unit. The integrated Wi-Fi connectivity allows connection with your smartphone. Via the app, you will now be able to manage who is at your door, open the gate to your property, activate the camera to view your home, or operate the garden lighting.

Simple 2-wire installation and intuitive configuration

Forget complex installations configuring an Ethernet network, the CLASSE 300 Wi-Fi unit has a simple 2-wire connection with Wi-Fi technology integrated in the internal video unit. Unit configuration is only required for the classic 2-wire system parameters (entrance panel and internal unit SCS addresses). The end user can then complete the system set up independently and intuitively via the dedicated app.

Door Entry App – Designed for the final user

Door Entry is the dedicated app, easily configured and hosted on the BTicino cloud ensuring it is fully automated and managed with a maximum level of security. Available to download via the App Store or Google Play, you can then utilise your smartphone to manage internal unit calls either locally or remotely, open the gate, activate the cameras and switch on the sprinklers or garden lighting.

Legrand brings connectivity to life with ELIOT

The ELIOT program is a global initiative by Legrand, showing why we are at the forefront of innovation through the Internet of Things (IoT). We aim to drive product innovation through cloud-based connectivity and foster partner relationships within the IoT space.

The IoT will revolutionise the building sector and will create a world of opportunities for electrical contractors. If you are interested in hearing more about Eliot contact your local Legrand representative.

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